Elder Care

Trustworthy, reliable, compassionate senior care

Direct elder care services to help you. Get relief knowing we are doing the caregiving.

Elder Care Toronto

Delivering the best possible senior care services is Guardian Home Care Toronto’s mission. Our elderly care services assist seniors in living independently and being able to enjoy life.

Guardian Home Care Toronto is there to help your family and elderly loved one:

  • Know that professional caregivers are there to keep your loved one safe
  • Receive shift reports and have the peace of mind to know what is happening with your loved one
  • Create time to concentrate on your own life (this is not a selfish thing; family caregivers need a break in order to continue to give care)

Deciding on senior care services?

Do any of the following situations describe you?

  1. Taking time from work to take your parents to appointments, cook for them, pick up groceries, get prescriptions
  2. Staying overnight at your parents’ house, away from your own family
  3. Worrying from afar, not being able to be there daily and having concerns about how your parents are getting by
  4. Visiting the hospital or nursing home for many hours, getting exhausted and needing someone to be there to support your parent
  5. Can’t take any more time off work

If any of these things describe you, call us now.

Been thinking about hiring in-home senior care for a while, but have not gone through with it?

Can you relate to the following scenario?

Been caregiving or worried for over 2 years, unsure of what to do, have thought about hiring an outside caregiver for quite some time, may have even looked into it deeply, but have always had a lot of reasons why you don’t need to hire help, such as:

  1. I can handle it, it is not a big deal, I can look after it, after all, I am their child
  2. Mom and dad are probably fine just as they are today, but someday they will need some outside hired help
  3. Mom and dad only want me or my siblings there to help, they will not be satisfied with a caregiver hired from outside.

If you recognize yourself in these statements above, you are not alone, the owner of Guardian Home Care Toronto wants to give you a special gift.

Benefits you will gain from hiring us

Make the choice to finally get help, when you contact us you will:

  • Instantly begin the process of getting help
  • Be matched with an excellent caregiver
  • Get reports from our caregivers after their shift so you know what is going on
  • Feel better about having a care partner
  • Have 24/7 on-call support
  • Be getting home care at competitive rates
  • Have an advocate in us to communicate with other health care providers

What kind of elderly care do you provide?

senior care Toronto

Our elder care home health services include companionship and friendly visiting, bathing, hygiene and incontinence care, meal preparation, medicine reminders, and light housekeeping. We also offer live-in care, nursing care, overnight care, post-operative care, transition care, and accompaniment to appointments.

Where do we deliver senior care in Toronto?

Our senior care services are delivered in:

  • our client’s homes,
  • retirement homes,
  • long term care homes (nursing homes),
  • and one-on-one in hospitals.

What is your minimum shift length?

We offer senior care services in shifts ranging from 1 hr to 24 hours a day.

Are there any contracts with your elder care services?

No, there are no contracts with our services.

Does the Ontario government pay for elderly care?

Elderly Care Toronto

The government of Ontario may pay for a couple of hours of elderly care per week, depending on the severity of your health conditions, and subject to an assessment from a LHIN care coordinator. You may qualify for this service if your loved one is unsafe performing personal care, specifically showering/bathing and incontinence care.   Meal preparation, companionship, accompaniment to appointments, and light housekeeping are not included in any help supplied by the Ontario government in the Toronto area. 

How much does elder care home health care cost?

In-home elder care is generally charged on an hourly basis.  Hourly costs usually range from $29.00 per hour upward in the Toronto area. Guardian Home Care Toronto is very competitive, and provides the best value for the care received.

What illnesses usually require elder care services?

Elder care home health

Our clients usually live with chronic illnesses for quite a while before needing our help. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Diabetes, and heart disease are common issues we care for. In-home senior care services are most often initiated when the family caregiver is reaching burnout or when the loved one is no longer to live safely at home alone.